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We're here every day of the year, our doors open from 4pm - 9pm. So if you need a place to stay, a shower, a chat, laundry done or a cup of tea, please come visit us.

What we can offer you

Overnight accommodation

We have beds available every night of the year, our doors open from 4pm - 9pm. It only costs $10 a night but if you have no income we can see what we can do. 

We also offer bathroom and laundry facilities, food and hot drinks.

It's a first in first served basis (so come early) and we have zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol. 

Hostel accommodation

If you need a place to stay for a bit longer while you find a place of your own,  we have a hostel which costs about $80 a week. 

You get your own room with shared facilities i.e. lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

We're also here to help you with your health, training, employment or social needs.

Support and referral service

Even though our immediate aim is to provide temporary accommodation, we also want to improve your overall wellbeing and transition you into permanent housing. We'll help you access health care, training, financial planning and employment too.

Once you've found a permanent place, we'll keep in touch and see if you need help with anything else.